Are Zip drives backward compatible?

Answer On One Hand: Newer Zip Drives Can Read Old Zip DrivesEach Iomega Zip Drive can read files from previously released disks. The 250 MB drive can read from 100 MB disk, and the 750 MB drive can read ... Read More »

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Are USB 2.0 flash drives backward compatible with 1.0?

A USB 2.0 flash drive is backward compatible with USB 1.0 ports. The transfer rate, however, reverts to USB 1.0 speeds. You will probably notice a difference if you're used to the faster USB 2.0 tr... Read More »

Will blu-ray be backward compatible with DVD?

Is Bluetooth 2 backward compatible?

The Bluetooth 2.0 is backward compatible with Bluetooth 1.0 through Bluetooth 1.2 devices. But data transfer between these devices will only go as fast as the lowest Bluetooth being used will go.Re... Read More »

Will any new PlayStation 3 be backward compatible?

No, new PlayStation 3 consoles no longer feature backward compatibility. With the release of the 120 GB and 250 GB units, Sony signaled the end of backward compatibility. Older, out-of-production u... Read More »