Are You Eligible for Unemployment if You Owe Federal Taxes?

Answer Owing taxes can feel like a tremendous burden. It can take careful financial planning and hard work to get caught up on back taxes. Losing work complicates matters and may impose an obstacle to get... Read More »

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Do you have to file unemployment compensation on your federal taxes?

According to IRS Topic 418, you must include unemployment compensation on your federal taxes on Line 3 of Form 1040-EZ, Line 13 of Form 1040A and Line 19 of Form 1040. The amount that you must clai... Read More »

Do employees of the federal government pay unemployment taxes?

Employees, federal or otherwise, do not pay into the unemployment tax system. Only employers pay into the system, and, according to the IRS, most employers pay both federal and state unemployment t... Read More »

Are federal contractors eligible for federal government hotel rates?

Yes, contractors working for the federal government are generally eligible for the same reduced rates offered to federal-government employees. However, the exact nature of the benefits offered is u... Read More »

Who is eligible for Minnesota unemployment?

Minnesota unemployment benefits are available to those who are unemployed, available to work and actively seeking employment. Other requirements include U.S. citizenship and sufficient recent earni... Read More »