Are You A Pepsi Or A Coca-Cola?

Answer OMG People he said Pepsi or CC he didn't say "Name your favorite drink" Jeeez your taking up frigin space..I would go with Pepsi :D it's good but not as strong and it tastes better when it goes fla... Read More »

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Which drink do you prefer: Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola?

I´m addicted to Coca Cola, the Best!! If it´s cold,better

Coca cola or Pepsi cola?

Pepsi! I don't do Coke, friends don't let friends do Coke, I am not a Cokehead, just say no to Coke. Be young, have fun, drink Pepsi!Barbados, 11 points, me and a Pepsi, I can see it.

Coca-Cola or Pepsi & Why?

totally coke. . they are the original. I'm from atlanta where they started and they have a museum. .I hate when people only serve pepsi products. Mountain Dew stuff is only better when people are... Read More »

Pepsi or Coca Cola?

Coca-Cola because it is the official beverage of Planet Earth since 1886.