Are Wi-Fi& Bluetooth compatible?

Answer Wi-Fi devices are not compatible with Bluetooth devices, and vice versa. Wi-Fi operates on a different radio frequency and at a higher speed than Bluetooth, and the two technologies use separate s... Read More »

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Is the PSP Bluetooth compatible?

Sony PSP gaming consoles do not have a built-in Bluetooth device. To use Bluetooth wireless connections, you have to purchase a USB Bluetooth dongle. Bluetooth dongles range anywhere from $20 to mo... Read More »

Is the Bluetooth BK-600 compatible with the PS3?

The Playstation 3 uses a standard Bluetooth 2.0 receiver. Any device with a Bluetooth standard compliant chipset can be paired to the PS3. The BK-600 portable Bluetooth keyboard should be compatibl... Read More »

Are all Bluetooth headsets compatible?

As long as the device you are using is Bluetooth-compatible, all Bluetooth headsets should work with the item. Bluetooth 1.1 is often a minimum requirement, and higher versions (such as 1.2 and 2.0... Read More »

Is the Lexus 330 ES Bluetooth compatible?

No, according to Lexus, the last model of the 330 ES made in 2006 does not have Bluetooth compatible technology. The newer Lexus 350 ES, made since 2007, does support Bluetooth.References:Lexus: 33... Read More »