Are Viper Alarm Systems Good?

Answer On One Hand: High-Quality, Latest FeaturesDepending on the system purchased, available features on a Viper include remote start and system access with up to a one-mile range, access to the alarm sy... Read More »

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How to Disconnect a Viper Car Alarm?

If your car alarm goes off incessantly or you wantto replace it with a different alarm, you must disconnect the current unit. Although you could take your vehicle to a local mechanic to disconnect ... Read More »

My Viper 791 Car Alarm Won't Start?

Car alarms can be tricky. Sometimes they don't work, other times they go off at inappropriate times. The Viper 791 Car Alarm is a highly ranked car alarm system installed on many cars in the United... Read More »

How do you reprogram a remote for a Viper alarm?


Types of Car Alarm Systems?

Most car alarm systems feature sensors that cause a loud, audible siren to sound when the car is breached while the system is armed. This hopefully calls attention to the thief and discourages him ... Read More »