Are VA hospitals covered under the ADA?

Answer VA hospitals, or Veteran Affairs Hospitals, are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. United States law requires these medical facilities to comply with all regulations set forth... Read More »

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Can an 18 year or older driver be covered on a full covered automobile insurance?

Answer Yes, almost anyone can be insured on any vehicle, for a price.

BOP proerty that must be moved after a covered cause of loss is covered for how many days?

If you became pregnant while covered by a short-term disability policy which covers pregnancy but then you switched employers are you still covered by the former policy?

Answer Good question.Were you on disability when you switched employers?Is your question if the time on the 1st policy counts towards the pre-x period on the second policy like it does for health i... Read More »

If you get pregnant and are covered by your spouse's work insurance would you be covered on the new employer's group insurance if he switched jobs?

Answer Yes, you should be since you were already covered prior to this. Although each state varies with this type of coverage. Even if he has a waiting period before he can enroll, he should get a... Read More »