Are USB Flash Drives worth getting ?

Answer You would be able to save very little of that on an 8 GB flash drive because there are 1,024 GB on 1 TB. However, a flash drive would be useful to carry files to different computers. Also, you can ... Read More »

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How do thumb drives work (Flash drives) Please see details.?

Yeah man I had THE EXACT same thing happen to me. The flashdrives are life savers man trust me and yes you can take and transfer files between computers - I have a vista computer, a xp and my broth... Read More »

Do flash drives and jump drives compress data?

Most flash drives and jump drives do not compress data, unless you use the Sony Microvault, which has a built-in compression program. However, you can install compression programs on any flash driv... Read More »

What are flash drives?

A flash drive is a computer storage device that stores data on a type of memory called "flash memory" instead of magnetic media such as a hard drive. Flash drives are usually small, self-contained ... Read More »

Do flash drives ever go bad?

A flash drive will eventually go bad. When this happens, the flash memory chips no longer store data reliably. However, even by the most conservative estimates, a flash drive can be written on seve... Read More »