Are U.S. Navy service records public domain?

Answer According to the Naval History and Heritage Command, the public has access to certain information contained in U.S. Navy Service records, provided it doesn't cause an unnecessary invasion of the se... Read More »

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How do i obtain service records from the navy reserve?

Write or contact Navy Personnel Command if the member of the Naval Reserve is not on active duty, such as those in the Ready Reserve or Standby Reserves. Navy Personnel Command (PERS-312E)5720 Inte... Read More »

Does US Public Health Service commissioned Navy Captain outrank an Army Major?

Yes and no. For formal situations, the Captain outranks the Major by a couple of pay grades. However, the Captain is not a line officer and in a combat situation would give way to the Major for op... Read More »

Are all Tennessee government agencies required to comply with open records or public records?

In general, all government agencies in Tennessee must comply with the Open Records Act. However, there are exceptions. For instance, according to an opinion issued by Tennessee's Office of Open Rec... Read More »

Are marriage records public records?

Public records fall under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and each state has its own FOIA version of what records are public in that state. Many states like Washington include marriage recor... Read More »