Are Tissot pocket watches gold plated?

Answer According to the Tissot 2009 catalog, the T-Pocket Savonettes Mechanicals pocket watch is gold plated. However, other Tissot pocket watches are generally made of brass with a protective coating or ... Read More »

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Do Tissot pocket watches contain real gold?

Tissot pocket watches are generally constructed of brass with a protective coating. However, according to the 2009 Tissot Catalog, the Satellite Pocket Watch is plated with 5 microns of gold.Refere... Read More »

What does gold plated mean on watches?

In gold plating, gold is bonded to the outside of another metal through an electrochemical process. The term is ambiguous in that it does not indicate a particular amount or quality of gold. Any me... Read More »

Difference between silver plated and gold plated.?

The notion that gold plated cables are "more responsive" is nonsense. Your silver-looking connectors are most likely nickel plated. They'll work fine. Connectors do add a tiny bit of resistance to ... Read More »

Are tissot watches good?

On One Hand: Tissots are quality watchesTissot watches are good timepieces for young buyers looking for an entry-level watch in the crowded Swiss brand field. The Tissot T-Touch, PRS 516, Seastar 1... Read More »