Are Tim Tam's referred to as an "Aussie Icon" 10 POINTS FOR JUST A YES OR NO?

Answer Yes they are .

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Are Tim Tam's referred to as an "Aussie Icon"?

It was introduced in 1964 in australia by ian norris, i think he isthe founder of arnots. I don't think it is an 'aussie icon' though

Will just one--any ONE Aussie reply with absolute and total--?

Don't know of any. Do know of quite a few Asian (Chinese, usually) kids doing that.

What exactly is vegamite can someone explain it please Is it just an Aussie thing?

first of all thanku 2 "BigSis" i think it was who said that aussies were very friendly ppl. i like to think that its true. (just keep away from the drunks, they either get angry or co-dependant lol... Read More »

Are tim tams an australian food?