Are Tiffany diamonds marked with a number?

Answer Tiffany diamonds are not marked with numbers. According to the company, the only way to tell if a diamond is an authentic Tiffany diamond is to buy it a Tiffany retail location, at boutiques operat... Read More »

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Are Tiffany diamonds marked?

Tiffany diamonds have no identifying markings on them, according to the company itself. The only way to know if Tiffany diamonds are from the company is to buy them directly from one of its stores.... Read More »

Does Tiffany Have a Unique Cut to Its Diamonds?

The way Tiffany diamonds are cut is unique in the sense that Tiffany craftsmen always cut the stones' facets to make them as brilliant as possible. The jewelers always sacrifice a portion of the di... Read More »

Are Tiffany Studios and Tiffany& Co. the same?

Tiffany Studios is the company made famous by its ornate, leaded-glass Tiffany lamps, designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany & Co. was begun by Louis Tiffany's father and still makes fine jewel... Read More »

Is there a serial number on diamonds?

Diamonds can now be laser inscribed with a serial number. The laser places an mark on the diamond that will make it unique and is backed by a certificate. This number cannot be removed without seri... Read More »