Are There Such Thing As Wireless Head Phones?

Answer yea they make them, but some still have a wire leading to the wireless Receiver. you might want to look into an mp3 player with bluetooth on it that might suit your needs better

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Is there such thing as 5G speed for phones?

Possibly it's going to be hard for AT&T or Verizon to make such thing

Is there such thing as a wireless Ethernet?

You need a wireless bridge or gaming adapter. Those act like wireless receivers but connect to your device with Ethernet. Some (very few) routers have a bridge mode as well. You basically setup the... Read More »

Why is there no-such thing as a wireless webcam?

They exist, as earlier posters have linked. But they aren't as great of an idea as they might appear at first glance... Think about security issues for a second- do you really want ANY computer w... Read More »

Is There Such A Thing As A Wireless HDMI Cable?

Theoretically yes.(maybe in the 24th century) But your question by very definition is meaningless. IT would not then be a cable.