Are There Real Black Roses?

Answer Answer There are a lot of people saying "Black Roses do not exist", well they are are WRONG. They do exist, you won't be able to find them easily. There are couple of towns in Europe and Asia (can'... Read More »

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Are green roses real?

Green roses are real. Some of the popular varieties of green roses are the St. Patrick rose, lime sublime and the unique green rose. The St. Patrick rose originated in southern California, the lime... Read More »

Are blue roses real..............?

no, not really the florist just starts off with a white flower and adds blue food coloring to the water and the flower sucks up the water with the blue coloring turning the flower blue u can do thi... Read More »

Are blue roses real?

Blue roses do not occur in nature. People who desire blue roses have traditionally had to dye white roses blue. Growers have been trying to produce a genetically modified blue rose for years. In 20... Read More »

Are purple roses real?

Awww, this is so sweet and adorable!Some roses come in Lavender (a very pale purple), I've seen some.. I think Hybrids, or Teas. Otherwise, I found a website? It seems to be really intense though..... Read More »