Are There Differences Between MicroSD Cards for Cell Phones?

Answer Removable storage devices have gotten smaller to suit the needs of electronics manufacturers, including those who make cell phones. MicroSD, or Secure Digital cards, offer relatively inexpensive me... Read More »

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Do Verizon cell phones have SIM cards?

Verizon cell phones that do use SIM cards are GlobalAccess devices; however, they may or may not be accessible without the proper tools. For more information or a list of cell phones offered by Ver... Read More »

Can all cell phones use prepaid cards?

Most cell phone companies have prepaid cell phones that are specifically used for prepaid phone cards. Some companies even give you the option of buying refill cards you can use toward the balance ... Read More »

Can you use calling cards on Sprint cell phones?

According to Sprint Customer Services, you should not use a calling card because Sprint will still bill you on all calls made, including minutes used and international charges as applicable.Source:... Read More »

Can two cell phones use the same number with identical sim cards?

As of August 2010, it is not illegal to read and copy your own SIM card. You can then place this card in another phone for use with the same phone number. However, you cannot use these phones simu... Read More »