Are There Any Sour Kraut Juice Drinks Out There?

Answer LOL well if you find one, we need to get together and try it out! Maybe with some bratwurst and black bread?Edit: By the way I did a web search and found out that kraut juice is a supposedly exce... Read More »

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Are there any drinks that taste like energy drinks?

There's this drink called Neuro Bliss that I love. It's basically like water that makes you happy

Restaurants which serve juice drinks Juice cleanse diet?

Jamba Juice!Here's the site: has a store locater there so you can see if you are near one and they also have yummy and cheap sandwiches/wraps if you want something more... Read More »

Is there addreall in energy drinks!?

Read the ingredients on your specific energy drink. Vitamin B might be helping your concentration along with the caffeine and other ingredients, like Taurine, Guarine etc. If it works for you, ke... Read More »

Why are there 2 Liter soft drinks in the U.S.?

In the 1970s, Congress was talking about mandating a switch to metric units. Dr. Pepper was designing new bottles anyway, and so they designed 2 liter bottles expecting the law to require that. The... Read More »