Are There Any Jewish Bakers in Lincolnshire?

Answer This may not be very helpful but Gees of Birmingham (Kosher Butcher and Deli) do traditional breads and do deliver.

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Is there a La Quinta hotel in Lincolnshire, Illinois?

There is no La Quinta Inn & Suites hotel in Lincolnshire, Illinois. There is one, however, about 1.5 miles away in Bannockburn. The next closet La Quinta hotels are in Arlington Heights and Elk Gro... Read More »

Why are there hardly any Jewish restaurants serving popular American Jewish food?

guess it depends where you live. plenty of restaurants serve food associated with the jewish culture in Skokie Illinois and surrounding towns. Chicken matzo ball soup, chopped liver, bagels, challa... Read More »

Who can i get to milton keynes to lincolnshire on train?

Your easiest route is by train via London. Milton Keynes to London Euston. walk 7 minutes to Kings Cross where most trains to Lincolnshire depart from. Unfortunately I can't give a more precise ans... Read More »

How many Jewish soldiers are there in the US Military?

You can find the SPD codes at the related link below. Click on SPN CODES in the "Pages" column, near the bottom. When next page opens click on alphabetical codes. That is the ARMY manual on the cod... Read More »