Are Taxes on Household Workers Deductible?

Answer As a rule, the Internal Revenue Services considers salaries and payroll taxes for household employees to be personal expenses for the employer, and therefore non-deductible. However, two exceptions... Read More »

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What are the taxes that all workers must pay into?

The (OASDI) Old Age Survivor and Disability Insurance (FICA) (social security and Medicare taxes) all mean the same tax. The maximum social security contribution limit is 6621 at 6.2% up to gross ... Read More »

How many American workers don't pay federal taxes?

In 2009 47 percent of Americans filing taxes did not owe federal taxes. Typically, only 38 percent of Americans don't owe federal income taxes. However, everyone who is employed and on a payroll ha... Read More »

Can illegal immigrant workers file taxes with the IRS?

Since 1996, illegal immigrants have been able to file taxes with the IRS using the Individual Tax Identification Number, according to MSNBC. Many illegals choose to file using this method as a way ... Read More »

What is a head of household on taxes?

There are five ways that a person can file their United States income tax, one of which is as "head of household." According to the IRS, if a person qualifies for head of household status, their ta... Read More »