Are Taser guns legal in CT?

Answer As of May 2010, Tasers or stun guns are legal only in a resident's home in Connecticut; however, a bill has been proposed to allow the use and carry of stun guns by Connecticut residents outside of... Read More »

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Are Taser guns legal in all of the states in the U.S.?

Tasers, also known as stun guns, are illegal for personal use in a number of U.S. states. These include Hawaii, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as... Read More »

Are taser guns legal in California?

Taser guns are legal, with some stipulations, in California, according to Best Stun Gun. Among the stipulations are it is illegal to bring a Taser to an airport or a public open meeting. You also c... Read More »

What are taser guns?

A Taser gun is a weapon that uses an electrical current to disrupt a person's muscle movement. Tasers are used by police departments to subdue suspects and by people who are attempting to fend off ... Read More »

Taser Guns in Schools?

Taser guns are stun guns that allow a person to stun or temporarily paralyze another individual from a distance of around 15 to 20 feet. Taser guns have mainly been used for self-defense by both l... Read More »