Are Styrofoam cups microwave safe?

Answer On One Hand: Chemicals Can Leach Into FoodMany consumer websites warn that microwaving Styrofoam food containers is dangerous to your health and can cause medical illnesses as varied as depression,... Read More »

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Is Styrofoam safe to microwave?

On One Hand: Read the LabelThe drinking cups and take-out containers commonly called "Styrofoam" aren't really Styrofoam at all, since Dow Chemical Co. doesn't make such products with its Styrofoam... Read More »

What are Styrofoam cups made of?

Styrofoam cups are made from a plastic material known as polystyrene. The main chemical component of polystyrene is styrene. Polystyrene is used to make Styrofoam cups because of its insular qualit... Read More »

Who invented Styrofoam cups?

John Grebe invented the plastic foam cup using a material known as "expanded polystyrene," which he also invented. It is related to, but not the same as, the trademarked Styrofoam, or "extruded pol... Read More »

When were Styrofoam cups invented?

They haven't been invented. The term Styrofoam cup is a misnomer. The name Styrofoam is a registered trademark owned by the Dow Chemical Company. The company does not produce Styrofoam products lik... Read More »