Are Stride gum wrappers actully made out of sugar?

Answer No. According to Candy Addict, Stride gum wrappers are made out of paper. In addition, while the wrappers may be safe for chewing, Cadbury-Adams, the maker of Stride gum, does not recommend ingesti... Read More »

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What are candy bar wrappers made of?

Candy bar wrappers are constructed from a mix of plastics and other materials, which makes them difficult to recycle. By contrast, most plastic water or soda bottles are made from PET plastic, whic... Read More »

Is gyoza wrappers the same as potsticker wrappers?

Gyoza is the Japanese word for the Chinese dish commonly called potstickers. The dish is identical, other than the name, so potsticker wrappers ARE gyoza wrappers.

How is sugar cane made into sugar?

Sugar is an integral component to many foods that are consumed in America. While many people know how to use sugar in their foods, the process in which it is made is often a mystery.The Growing Pr... Read More »

How is turbinado sugar made?

Turbinado sugar is a form of raw sugar that comes in dry and coarse crystals. While it is slightly more refined than other raw sugars like demerara, it is still a healthier choice than refined whit... Read More »