Are Starbucks ALWAYS on corners (Sorry have to prove the gf wrong)?

Answer No, they're not always on corners, but they like to be. Since Starbucks is completely corporately owned, the company hires people to scout out the most visible and accessible spots for their store... Read More »

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If you have a spinal cord injury are you always paralised [sorry if spelling wrong]?

Not always. Depends on the severity of the injury. Some recover.

How to Prove Yourself Wrong?

Proving yourself wrong can be a very hard thing to do, emotionally and physically. Yet, in the end, it feels you come out a different person. Proving yourself wrong can be life changing, so if you ... Read More »

Who are johovig's witnesses (sorry if i spelled it wrong)?

"Jehovah's witnesses" form a religion, who base their beliefs ,on their close interpretation of the words in the bible. their beliefs, are so strong ,that it affects their whole way of life.It ... Read More »

How can I earn money online! Wrong category i know sorry ^^?

There are several ways you can look into to find out if a company you are looking into is a scam or not. But the best way is mcDonald.I mean everyone trusts mcDonalds.!.!!' They won't rip you off a... Read More »