Are Starbucks ALWAYS on corners (Sorry have to prove the gf wrong)?

Answer No, they're not always on corners, but they like to be. Since Starbucks is completely corporately owned, the company hires people to scout out the most visible and accessible spots for their store... Read More »

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How to Prove Yourself Wrong?

Proving yourself wrong can be a very hard thing to do, emotionally and physically. Yet, in the end, it feels you come out a different person. Proving yourself wrong can be life changing, so if you ... Read More »

I need a basic printer; there are none that meet what I require.. prove me wrong?

I think this site below will prove you wrong, is one of my best site yet for finding the best printers,check it out and surf it properly and I guarantee that you find what your looking for

How Do I Cut Corners with a Miter Corners Coping Saw?

Cutting inside corners when you're doing floor trim can be tricky. A basic 45-degree miter cut of the two boards that meet in the corner should work in theory, but in reality that corner is often n... Read More »

How to Fix Cab Corners?

One of the weakest points of a pickup truck is the lower rear corner of the cab. It is always the first place to rust out, because the vehicle is exposed to water and road salt at that particular l... Read More »