Are Souvenirs Used for Teaching Tax Deductible?

Answer Teachers use manipulatives and visual aids to demonstrate concepts and to provide eye candy to keep student interest. Travelers buy souvenirs as mementos of their visits, but the trinkets, tchotchk... Read More »

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Are teaching certificate renewals tax deductible?

While fees paid in order to renew your teaching certificate may be tax deductible, this is largely up to the state government. Whether or not the fee is deductible is not uniform on a federal level... Read More »

Teaching Activities That Can Be Used in Teaching Spanish?

Many school districts require a foreign language class for students. If your district would like you to implement Spanish lessons, or you are a foreign language teacher who needs new ideas, use eng... Read More »

Is a tractor used for weed control on a farm tax-deductible?

Tractors are considered a fixed asset in most farming situations. As a business asset the depreciation, repairs, maintenance and supplies used in the operation of the tractor are tax-deductible. We... Read More »

Las Vegas casino chips souvenirs?

Absolutely, the main cashier's cage get these requests every day. There is no service charge or taxes, so a $1 chip is $1.