Are Sony portable DVD players made in China?

Answer Sony portable DVD players are made in China. This is where the portable DVD players, the Sony DVP- FX720 as well as the Sony DVP- FX 870B originate. Other products by Sony can be made in Malaysia, ... Read More »

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Where are Sony portable DVD players made?

Most of Sony's products are manufactured in China. This includes portable DVD players. Sony's DVD players are capable of playing standard DVDs and music CDs that conform to the CD standard. CDs and... Read More »

How to Compare Portable DVD Players With Car Mounted Players?

Traveling long distances with your children can be sometimes a handful trying to keep enough activities together to keep them occupied for the ride. Using portable DVD players or car-mounted DVD pl... Read More »

Can you add wifi to portable dvd players?

Not to the player itself. The most you can do is get one of those Android TV or other media boxes, and connect that to the A/V in on the player. You need to arrange power and an input device. The l... Read More »

Why are most made-in-China electronic products cheaper to buy in US than in China?

Its a very complex thing . But I will try to make it simple.Usually the tactic is used when a country's domestic output of the good is falling and imports from foreign competitors are rising, parti... Read More »