Are Social Security payments subject to tax?

Answer Social Security payments are subject to tax if you file an individual tax return and your combined income is over $25,000. Combined income is your adjusted gross income plus nontaxable interest plu... Read More »

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Do social security disability payments received before normal retirement age reduce social security retirement payments at normal retirement age?

Indemnity plans do not have to pay the hospital or doctor. Indemnity plans are designed to indemnify either the insured or the provider. That means if you have services that cost 20,000.00 dollars ... Read More »

Is Social Security Subject to Income Tax?

About 96 percent of Americans contribute to Social Security. Social Security funds accumulate over a lifetime of earning by taxation of income through Federal Income Contributions Act (FICA) taxes,... Read More »

Are all wages subject to Social Security tax?

Any wages above the contribution and benefit base of $106,800 in 2010 are not subject to social security tax. In addition, some specific wages including those earned in a federal work-study program... Read More »

Is all self-employed income subject to social security tax?

All self-employed income is subject to a self-employment tax, which includes a social security tax. The self-employment tax rate is 15.3 percent of income. Of that, 12.4 percent is a social securit... Read More »