Are Social Security disability benefits taxed by state or federal?

Answer Individuals receiving disability benefits from the Social Security Administration may have to pay taxes depending on their income and filing status. Those who file as individuals and make over $25,... Read More »

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Are Social Security benefits taxed by state or federal?

Up to 85 percent of a beneficiary's Social Security benefits are subject to taxes both from the state and from the federal government. The determining factor is income level. A substantial income c... Read More »

Do state retirement benefits affect Social Security disability benefits?

Receipt of state retirement benefits based on earnings for which you did not pay Social Security taxes will reduce the amount of your Social Security disability benefit. You also will encounter red... Read More »

Is Social Security Disability taxed in Pennsylvania?

Social Security disability benefits are not taxed in Pennsylvania if the benefits are the sole source of income. FinancialWeb states that you may be required to pay taxes on disability benefits if ... Read More »

I am currently on Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability benefits for a chronic illness. Will I be able to continue receiving these benefits if I decide to get pregnant?

Only if the pregnancy has complications and the doctor recommends bed rest or otherwise decides that you can't work.