Why does everyone say that Wikipedia is all garbage It has real facts...?

Answer People (usually journalists who obviously don't know what they are talking about) compare it to an imaginary perfect source of information written by omniscient gods. Those people seem to forget th... Read More »

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Short Sale Facts in the Real Estate Market?

A homeowner can opt to short sale their home to prevent it from being foreclosed by a creditor. This is an agreement between the bank or mortgage lender and the homeowner to sell the home at a pric... Read More »

How much Snapple is too much?

Snapple White Tea Flavors?

According to Snapple's website, white tea was the drink of choice for the Chinese royal court. White tea is a naturally healthy drink made from baby tea leaves. The tea leaves are picked while they... Read More »

What do snapple drinks taste like?

Snapple is made from the best stuff on earth, silly girl! LOL No, really though, snapple is very good, its just juice. My favorite is Snapple Apple, or Mango Madness. And it tastes just like that, ... Read More »