Are Smith machines any good?

Answer On One Hand: Smith Machines are Good SpottersSmith machines offer a safe way to get a free weight-type of work out when you do not have a lifting partner to spot you. Smith machines guide the up-an... Read More »

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Is there a GOOD sewing machines that's under $65?

Good. New. Cheap. Pick any two.Here's what you're looking for in a basic machine:;…Better a good straight stitch only machine than a crummy multi-stitch... Read More »

Are Bowflex machines really good?

On One Hand: Fitness in the HomeBowflex machines are designed to increase muscle mass through the use of tension rods instead of heavy weights. A Bowflex can build muscle almost as effectively as f... Read More »

Are vending machines good for schools?

On One Hand: Dispensing JunkAccording to Margo G. Wootan, policy director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, vending machines are not good for schools. "Many parents who send their ... Read More »

Why Vending Machines in Schools Are Good?

The issue of vending machines in schools has been controversial for parents, school officials and the government for years. Some schools only have healthy foods in the vending machines, some machin... Read More »