Are Smeg cookers good?

Answer On One Hand: Energy EfficiencySmeg cookers have proved to be popular with high-profile names, including British TV chef Jamie Oliver, who uses an A2 Opera range cooker. Many Smeg ovens, such as the... Read More »

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What is the meaning of 'smeg'?

Red Dwarf fan eh? The word "smeg" is a shortened version of "smegma" the cheesy substance that accumulates around the head of the penis.

Do egg cookers work?

On One Hand: Whole EggsThere is a large selection of egg cooker types available on the market ranging from electric egg cookers to microwave egg cookers. Egg cookers work best for cooking soft- or ... Read More »

Who invented solar cookers?

Swiss naturalist Horace de Saussure invented the first solar cooker in 1767. He built his device out of five glass boxes stacked, in order of size, over each other. He cooked fruits at a temperatur... Read More »

Fitting Electric Cookers?

The cooker is always fitted on an independent circuit. The reason for this is due to a higher consumption of electricity.The normal plugs are 13amp and a cooker is I think about 30amps.To put it in... Read More »