Are Skunks Good or Bad for Your Lawn?

Answer Skunks, perhaps best known for the foul odor of their musk, are peaceful animals and often co-exist with humans without incident, due to their nocturnal habits. They frequently live on property wit... Read More »

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Are Epsom salts good for your lawn?

Epsom salt, consisting primarily of magnesium and sulfur, helps create lush, green, healthy grass. Magnesium aids in seed germination, chlorophyll production and absorption of phosphorus and nitrog... Read More »

Why pick up dog poop in the winter isn't it good for your lawn?

It is NOT, girl! Check out this link I found just for you:…Cow poop, elephant poop - those are good for gardens and the like because cows and elephants ea... Read More »

How to Discourage Skunks in Your Garden?

Skunks are mammals with an appetite for both plant and animal material. Their feeding habits change with each season. They eat insects, larvae, salamanders, small rodents, lizards, earthworms, rats... Read More »

Do you have lawn service or do your own lawn?

I have never paid someone else to do my lawn and garden chores. Seems we all neglect to get enough exercise in our daily routines. What better thing is there to do than work around the house and ... Read More »