Are Siberians Russians?

Answer Siberia is the name for the massive, subarctic northeastern portion of Russia. The people of Siberia are all of Russian nationality, though they may be of many different ethnicities, from European ... Read More »

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Why did russians come to america?

Russian fur traders first came to America in the 1740s, arriving in Alaska. Some stayed there, but when Alaska was bought by the U.S. in 1867, most of these Russians went back home. In the latter p... Read More »

Who were the earliest Russians?

The Slavs are generally regarded as the earliest Russians. Also known as "Indo-Europeans," they first settled in western Russia in 1500 B.C.E. The Viking tribe "Rus" did not dominate the region unt... Read More »

What do Russians do for entertainment?

On One Hand: Eating and DancingAs in many cultures, Russian entertainment centers around meals. The Russian people enjoy eating large meals and having in-house dance parties, according to Russelati... Read More »

Do all Russians have to go to the army?

In 2008, Russia reduced its mandatory draft from two years to one year. Men between 18 and 27 face mandatory military service under Russia's conscription system, but some avoid joining the military... Read More »