Are Shockwave& Flash Player the same thing?

Answer Shockwave and Flash are not the same thing. Though both are multimedia players owned by Adobe Systems, they are used for different purposes. According to Adobe, Flash is more common, faster to load... Read More »

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What player plays Shockwave Flash?

The Adobe Shockwave Flash player is the primary software through which Flash and Flash-based technologies and programs can be accessed, viewed and interacted with. The Adobe Shockwave Flash player ... Read More »

Is it OK to have both Shockwave& Flash player installed at the same time?

You won't have any problems having Shockwave and Flash installed at the same time. Both Shockwave and Flash are Adobe products, and both work in tandem with your browser to display certain types of... Read More »

How to Remove the Shockwave Flash Player Plug-In From Netscape?

Flash player is an Adobe application for displaying Flash animations from your desktop or Internet browser. Your Netscape Internet browser accesses the player by means of a plugin. You can remove t... Read More »

What is Shockwave Flash?

This is the most suggested fix.In a new tab type in 'about:plugins'. A list of all your plug-ins will come up.Look for the one called Shockwave Flash, (you may have to click the plus sign on detail... Read More »