Are Sharp microwaves made in the U.S.?

Answer Sharp microwaves--manufactured by the Sharp Electronics Corporation--are made at a manufacturing base located within the U.S. The company expanded overseas from Japan, establishing both sales and m... Read More »

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Are Viking microwaves made by Sharp?

Viking microwaves are not made by the Sharp Corporation. They are manufactured by the Viking Range Corporation, a Greenwood, Mississippi-based company founded in 1984 by Fred Carl, Jr., a building ... Read More »

Where are Sharp TVs made?

Sharp televisions are made in the United States of America by the Sharp Manufacturing Company of America (SMCA). The SMCA was established in 1979 in Memphis, Tenn., as the company's first overseas ... Read More »

I have sharp LC-22LEF20M,when i attached dvd to sharp led volume is low?

check the dvd player volume.....check audio cable .....................use another dvd.....maybe it is bad .

Why should I get a Sharp BluRay to go with my Sharp HDTV?

There is no advantage, although Sharp is not a bad brand.Check if your BD player has ethernet connection and supports BD live. Many cheap players don't.