Are Self-Cleaning Ovens Safe?

Answer On One Hand: Built-In Safety MechanismsSelf-cleaning ovens use very high heat (900 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit) to burn off dirt, spills and residue in ovens, turning them to ash. According to The ... Read More »

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What is the basis of the cleaning process in self-cleaning ovens?

It basically burns everything in your oven into ash. You can then just wipe it up easily with a damp cloth (after it cools of course).

Are gas ovens any less safe than electric ovens?

No, gas ovens are not any less safe than electric ovens. Each comes with their own lists of pros and cons. A sales associate at any appliance store can be most helpful in determining our needs.

Are gas ovens self cleaning?

Sears would be a great place to look for scratch and dent appliances in Chicago.They sell hundreds of appliances and are more than willing to reduce the price when a scratch or dent is noted.

How do you do a Cleaning of pizza ovens?

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