Are Self-Cleaning Ovens Safe?

Answer On One Hand: Built-In Safety MechanismsSelf-cleaning ovens use very high heat (900 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit) to burn off dirt, spills and residue in ovens, turning them to ash. According to The ... Read More »

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What is the basis of the cleaning process in self-cleaning ovens?

It basically burns everything in your oven into ash. You can then just wipe it up easily with a damp cloth (after it cools of course).

Are gas ovens self cleaning?

Sears would be a great place to look for scratch and dent appliances in Chicago.They sell hundreds of appliances and are more than willing to reduce the price when a scratch or dent is noted.

Acts as a catalyst in self-cleaning ovens?

No because the starches in the potaotoes will turn to sugar in the fridge giving them a sweet taste.

Do self cleaning ovens need to be pre-cleaned?

Yes. You'll get the most from the cleaning cycle of a self-cleaning oven if you take the time to pre-clean a little. Each oven is unique, and you'll want to follow the instructions for your brand a... Read More »