Are Sealand titles legal in the USA?

Answer You can legally purchase royal titles from European countries like Sealand (although most countries do not even formally acknowledge the tiny man-made island). However, neither the government nor o... Read More »

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Is Sealand a country?

The island of Sealand, a former British fortress in the international waters of the North Sea, was declared an independent state in 1967, following the occupation and settlement of the island by fo... Read More »

What Song Titles Would Make Great Movie Titles?

Cool and creative question question :0Horror: * Time of Dying - By Three Days Grace* Let the Bodies hit the floor - By Drowning pool* Escape - Our Last Night* In the belly of a shark - Gallows* Rai... Read More »

How to Use Parentheses in Titles?

Parentheses are half moon brackets that enclose additional information within a sentence. Since they are usually used to enclose information that is not necessary to make the sentence work and titl... Read More »

How to Add Titles to iMovie 4?

IMovie 4 is video editing software designed by Apple. With iMovie, you can organize and watch videos on your computer. iMovie also allows you to edit videos, giving you the ability to add various p... Read More »