Are Scotts lawn fertilizers safe for kids and pets?

Answer Look at the label for "Precautionary statements". This is usually in a small rectangle that contains small graphical representations of both kids and pets. From their website:"Scotts Help Center e... Read More »

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Is Scotts lawn fertilizer poisonous to pets?

According to the Scotts Miracle Grow Company, its lawn fertilizers are safe for children and pets. Scotts does recommend watering the treated area thoroughly after applying the product for safety p... Read More »

Is lawn fertilizer safe for pets?

The chemicals in lawn fertilizer can be dangerous to pets and children. Store lawn fertilizer out of reach and always water your lawn thoroughly after fertilizing to ensure that chemicals are absor... Read More »

How often should you apply Scotts Lawn Pro nonphosphorous lawn food?

Apply Scotts Lawn Pro nonphosphorous lawn food three times yearly, in early spring, late spring and early fall. It can be applied on all turf grasses, wet or dry. Apply it during calm weather at an... Read More »

Scotts Fertilizer & Pets?

The Scotts Company produces a variety of gardening products, including fertilizers. Fertilizer types such as those intended for flower, garden or lawn use have some precautions and may be toxic to ... Read More »