Are Saturn's rings orange and black?

Answer Saturn may appear to have orange and black rings because of how they look in distant or reflected sunlight, or how the light filters through to the dark side of the rings. However, pictures taken i... Read More »

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What kind of snake is black with orange rings?

The Farancia Abacura, otherwise known as the mud snake, lives in swamps, marshes and ponds as its natural habitat. This smooth, shiny snake is distinguishable by its black and orange bands and is c... Read More »

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Do Saturns Have Catalytic Converters?

A catalytic converter, or catalyst, is responsible for reducing the amount of pollutants that emit into the atmosphere while a vehicle is being driven. Saturn vehicles do have catalytic converters.

Black rings around my eyes?

The black rings are definitely diet related. I used to have them. The lack of sleep can cause some of this, but chronic dark eyes are more than this. Lack of sleep will cause the adrenal glands ... Read More »