Are SSL certificates transferable?

Answer On One Hand: Transferring an SSL certificate Is possible.Transferring a SSL certificate is possible if you have the private key, certificate, and you're transferring between servers with the same o... Read More »

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Is a Disney ticket transferable?

Once you purchase and use a Disney ticket you can't resell it or even give it away, it is non-transferable. Your identity will be confirmed via a finger scan each time you use your ticket. Each Dis... Read More »

Is a Sears warranty transferable?

Sears offers a variety of extended warranty programs for appliances purchased at its stores. These warranties are fully transferable. The Sears manufacturer's warranty is also fully transferable. W... Read More »

Is the GI bill transferable to dependents?

The Montgomery GI Bill education benefits provided by the United States Armed Services are only available to those individuals who served in the armed services up to 10 years after they completed t... Read More »

What is transferable visa?

U.S. work visas are granted to people who have secured a position prior to entering the country. A transferable visa allows the visa holder to transfer to a different position or company.Identifica... Read More »