Are SSL certificates transferable?

Answer On One Hand: Transferring an SSL certificate Is possible.Transferring a SSL certificate is possible if you have the private key, certificate, and you're transferring between servers with the same o... Read More »

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What is transferable visa?

U.S. work visas are granted to people who have secured a position prior to entering the country. A transferable visa allows the visa holder to transfer to a different position or company.Identifica... Read More »

Are plane tickets transferable?

Plane tickets are usually non-transferable once they are purchased. In addition to being non-transferable, some airlines will not allow customers to use a ticket that has a typo in the name.Referen... Read More »

Are hotel franchises transferable?

Not necessarily. It is advisable for a franchisee to negotiate his or her franchise agreement in such a way that transfer to an affiliated company or family member is permitted and the cost of such... Read More »

Are jet blue points transferable?

No, JetBlue's travel points are not transferable. You are not allowed to transfer points into JetBlue's TrueBlue rewards program, nor can you earn points on a flight you book in someone else's name... Read More »