Are SIM cards available at the Jakarta airport?

Answer Yes. Immediately after leaving customs, you will see counters offering private taxi services to the city center. These counters sell SIM cards as well as credit for those who already have an Indone... Read More »

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Is there any swine flu vaccine available at the airport of Newark?

it is coming at public places such ashospitals schools etc..So yes

Why the memory cards are only available in 256 MB,512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB , 8 GB & its multiplications?

Because it's like 1 bit + 1 bit = 2 bits, then same 2 bits+ 2 bits = 4 bits, 4+4 = 8 bits, it's the principle of data multiplication, sorry for that **** rule, I liked your question because it was ... Read More »

Airport Extreme WiFi Compatibility With PC Wireless Cards?

The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station 802.11n, is a solid networking device with very good connectivity and cross-platform interoperability--meaning it works with Macintosh and Windows computers. ... Read More »

Does AlertPay have debit cards available?

No, AlertPay does not issue its own debit cards. You can, however, transfer funds from your AlertPay account to the debit card you have with your financial institution. Other methods of payment ava... Read More »