Are Roth IRA contributions tax deductible?

Answer Roth IRA contributions are not tax deductible. However, all of the money in a Roth IRA can be withdrawn tax-free, including the earnings, when you are 59 1/2 years old and the account has been open... Read More »

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Can Roth Contributions Come out Tax-Free?

Contributions to a Roth IRA can be redeemed tax-free, provided the funds are "qualified distributions." Funds redeemed after age 59 1/2, used to purchase or rebuild a home, or for medical reasons a... Read More »

How to Withdraw Roth IRA Contributions?

A Roth IRA is an individual retirement account that differs from a traditional IRA by receiving a tax break on the money when it is withdrawn from the account, rather than when it is deposited. The... Read More »

What Is the Penalty to Withdraw Roth Contributions?

Roth IRAs were introduced as an alternative retirement savings plan for individuals. The Roth IRA does not allow contributions to reduce your taxable income, but the money can be taken out of the a... Read More »

Are Roth IRA contributions distributed before earnings?

Contributions from your Roth IRA are distributed before earnings. Contributions can be removed at any time from your Roth IRA without taxes and penalties. However, if you withdraw earnings early, y... Read More »