Are Rosemary Plants Safe for Pets?

Answer An herb you can use in your kitchen both fresh and dried, rosemary can add great flavor to your family's food. It can add flavor to your pet's food, too, because it is safe for them to eat. ... Read More »

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How do I pot rosemary plants?

Container PreparationPlace enough perlite in the bottom of a flower pot or other suitable container to cover, but not block, the drainage holes.Add SoilFill the pot about three-quarters of the way ... Read More »

Complementary plants with rosemary?

Rosemary likes hot, sunny, and relatively dry conditions and prefers alkaline soil and not too much feeding, so you want to plant it with plants that like the same thing. Those conditions aren't so... Read More »

Hardy Rosemary Plants?

Rosemary is an herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. Most rosemary varieties are bushy plants that can grow as high as 6 feet, with small, needle-like evergreen leaves, similar in shape ... Read More »

Varieties of Rosemary Plants?

Rosemary is used to flavor foods and to treat common ailments such as colds and menstrual cramps. There are several beneficial varieties of this herb, including pink rosemary and upright rosemary. ... Read More »