Are Ragdoll cats bad for asthma?

Answer On One Hand: Long Fur May Trap AllergensIt's Fel d 1, a protein found in a cat's saliva, sebaceous glands and urinary/reproductive tract that can cause asthma in humans. According to physician and ... Read More »

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The History of Ragdoll Cats?

Radolls have long non-matting hair, and are sometimes confused with the Siamese, due to similar markings. Ragdolls are pointed, meaning they have color on their feet, tail and face. The rest of the... Read More »

Prednisone Tablets for Asthma in Cats?

If your cat coughs and wheezes often, don't assume the problem is just a hairball. Asthma in cats causes similar symptoms and is often misdiagnosed, says veterinarian Susan Little of the Winn Felin... Read More »

Prescription Flovent for Asthma in Cats?

A popular medication designed to reduce inflammation in the airway of humans caused by the exposure to various irritants and allergens in the air, Flovent is an inhaled medication that contains cor... Read More »

Benadryl for Cats With Asthma?

Cats suffer from some of the same respiratory problems humans do, according to the website Vetinfo. Feline asthma limits a cat's breathing ability and can even making simple tasks like walking diff... Read More »