Are RC gas play trucks sold at Radio Shack?

Answer According to the Radio Shack product website, as of March 2010, RC gas trucks were not available for purchase from the store. However, Internet stores such as Amazon and Hobbytron did have the RC g... Read More »

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How much will my old phone be if i sold it at radio shack?

you are really going to be disappointed in what a retail outlet will offer you for trade in on your phone you did not mention what crApple phone you had so you can search here for their offers http... Read More »

How many Chevy Silverado pickup trucks were sold in the U.S. in 2007?

According to sales figures released by General Motors in early 2008, Chevrolet dealers in the United States sold 618,257 Silverado pickups in 2007. The Silverado was GM's single best-selling model ... Read More »

Is radio shack international?

yes radio shacks are all over the continent

Should I fix my old Radio Shack speakers or should I get some new ones?

The crossovers in your RS speakers are tuned for specific drivers. Any slight variation in efficiency, impedance, frequency range, etc... will cause the drivers to play too loud or too soft compare... Read More »