Are Printers injurious to Computer users Health ?

Answer They are not even sure what the chemical make up is. As well as only a low percentage of printers are emitters, whether or not it is a noxious substance or whether there are health concerns associ... Read More »

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Cigarette is actually injurious to health or not?

Lung cancer, osophageal cancer, gum cancer, mouth cancer, receding gums, bleeding gums, emphysema, cardiac decay, circulatory decay, hair loss, nerve damage.

Is statutory warning "Injurious to health" on cigarette packs or liquor bottles really effective?

It's not about deterrence, it is about federal agency protecting themselves from the lawsuits.

Can I put two printers in a computer If not.. Why ?

Yes,you can have them both installed on your printer,just make sure you have 2 or more USB ports.Install the software,then when it comes to printing,select the printer you want to use from the list.

Can other computer users see my download file?

It all depends on administration privileges. Normally other users are blind to each others activities but if the administration privileges aren't set to only allow them access to their own individ... Read More »