Are Prestige cosmetics hypoallergenic?

Answer EVEN IF A PRODUCT IS LABELED "HYPOALLERGENIC," IT MAY CONTAIN SUBSTANCES THAT CAN CAUSE ALLERGIC REACTIONS.Good thinking! Question 6b is True!After all, people are individuals. And there's no telli... Read More »

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Are Bobbi Brown cosmetics hypoallergenic?

On One Hand: It is Not Advertised as HypoallergenicNone of Bobbi Brown's cosmetics, including foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and others, are advertised by the company as being h... Read More »

Are mineral-based eyeshadow cosmetics all considered 'hypoallergenic'?

Is Cowbell your contact? He is a Mary Kay consultant. I know, I don't want to take makeup advice from someone in tight jeans either.

Hypoallergenic Hair Dye for Men?

A Japanese study in 2001 revealed that men in their 20s are coloring their hair more than before. Men, like women, dye their hair for aesthetic reasons, variety and to cover gray. Luckily, safe and... Read More »

Hypoallergenic Dog Diet?

When your dog has allergies, it is much more than an annoyance. There could be itchy skin, oozing sores, bald spots and rashes that bring great discomfort to your dog. A food allergy is the itchies... Read More »