Are Pontiac Sunfire's more expensive to insure?

Answer Than what? They are a low end vehicle not a sports car, so I would think on the lower end == vehicle rate wise.

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What Does PCM Stand For on 1999 Pontiac Sunfires?

A PCM is a computer system in the 1999 Pontiac Sunfire and many other vehicles manufactured after 1996. PCM stands for Powertrain Control Module.

Overheating Problems With Pontiac Sunfires?

Overheating is a problem common in many vehicles, especially older vehicles. Overheating in Pontiac Sunfires appears to be even more common based on the amount of discussion you can find on the We... Read More »

Is a category b car more expensive to insure?

On One Hand: Insurance May Not Be More Expensive.Following an accident, categorized cars may not necessarily be more expensive to insure. According to, if you are not at fault for ... Read More »

Is a catagory b car more expensive to insure?

On One Hand: Rates Are Not HigherCars are grouped by category following an accident. If a car is designated as category B, it is considered to be "damaged beyond repair," according to CarInsurance.... Read More »