Are Police Reports Public Knowledge?

Answer Police records can be public knowledge, depending on the state. Most states are lenient with these records and will provide police reports when requested. This means a person must file a request to... Read More »

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Are police reports public records?

Police records are open to the public through the Freedom of Information Act. The Federal FOI Act states that the public has a right to access records that document public business. All states have... Read More »

What is the purpose of police reports?

Police reports serve an important role in documenting incidents for criminal and civil purposes. For use in court, insurance claims, or to simply keep a record for future use, police reports are a... Read More »

Is bankruptcy public knowledge?

When you file for bankruptcy, your bankruptcy petition is entered into public record. Anyone who knows where you filed your petition can then research it and read the details of the case. Public re... Read More »

Can police reports be used in defamation actions?

On One Hand: Yes They CanAccording to Portland, Oregon lawyer Jim McHugh, police reports are public record, provided they aren't part of an ongoing investigation. This means you or your lawyer can ... Read More »