Are Poinsettia plants poisonous to humans?

Answer The popular Poinsettia plant that you see used for holidays is not toxic.Please see related link below.

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Are jade plants poisonous to humans?

Jade plants (Crassula argentea) are not considered poisonous to humans. But these plants can be toxic to both cats and dogs. Cats and dogs may experience vomiting, ataxia (lack of muscle coordinati... Read More »

Are coleus plants poisonous to humans and animals?

Yes, it can cause Allergic dermatitis with red rash.

Longevity of poinsettia plants?

Many who keep poinsettias assume that it will last for months in the home environment. Cared-for properly, the poinsettia will give weeks of color and pleasure to its owner. Left in the car, howev... Read More »

Are banana spiders poisonous to humans?

Several spiders are referred to by the name "banana spider." One, a yellow orb weaver (Nephila clavipes) found in North America, only causes in humans “localized pain with a slight redness,” ac... Read More »