Are Playtex sippy cups BPA-free?

Answer Bisphenol-A, commonly shortened to BPA, is a chemical used in producing certain products. BPA is frequently used in plastics. Heated debate surrounding the use of BPA is a concern to many parents w... Read More »

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Are Gerber sippy cups BPA-free?

Gerber sippy cups are BPA free. BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a hormone-mimicking chemical that is often used in plastics. This chemical can easily sink into the liquids held in a plastic container and c... Read More »

Can sippy cups be recycled?

The majority of sippy cups are made of recyclable plastic. To find the recycling specifics for your sippy cup and to check whether your municipality will recycle it, look at the bottom of the cup f... Read More »

When were sippy cups invented?

Richard Belanger invented the sippy cup, a spill-proof drinking cup for young children, and filed his U.S. patent application on August 30, 1990. Belanger, who called the device a "dripless liquid ... Read More »

Are Nuby sippy cups bad?

On One Hand: Nuby Is A Well Established CompanyAccording to Nuby, their parent company Luv N' Care has been in business since the 1970's. Nuby claims to hold "The highest quality standards, global ... Read More »