Are People Born Geniuses?

Answer The human mind is incredibly powerful, and some significant figures throughout history have demonstrated the advanced knowledge, expert skills and superior contributions required to be considered g... Read More »

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How to Talk to Geniuses?

A genius is just a human being like you. And the fact is, you know many things they don't! But there are certain techniques that you can employ to hold your own with someone you feel has a higher d... Read More »

How many of you electronics geniuses actually realize..?

You're slightly confused. You are correct that nothing but computers and video games are likely to deliver 1080/60p (that's 1920x1080, 60 frames per second), but that's not really important for fil... Read More »

Does anyone remember a series about two kids in school that because of a strange blue rock became super geniuses they were a boy and a girl both blonds?

Don't think so! EDIT: You don't have any source to prove it: To the person that wrote this.

Are some people born gay?

On One Hand: Homosexuality Is GeneticIn July 1993, an article was published in "Time" magazine that offered evidence of the link between genetics and homosexuality. This came in the form of a resea... Read More »