Are Peace Lilies Toxic to Dogs?

Answer Peace lilies are toxic to dogs. Dogs that eat peace lilies experience uncomfortable side effects, including severe burning and irritation of the mouth, compromised swallowing, drooling and vomiting... Read More »

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Are Peace Lilies Poisonous to Dogs?

Lilies mean many things to many people. For some, they have religious significance; for others they bring about the spring season. The peace lily may bring someone a sense of serenity. It's importa... Read More »

Where Are Peace Lilies From?

Peace lilies, also known as spathiphyllum or spaths, are actually not lilies at all. They are members of the Araceae or Arum family, which includes plants like diffenbachia, philodendrons and anthu... Read More »

When do peace lilies bloom?

The blooming time for a peace lily is dependent on the variety and size of the plant. Some varieties of peace lilies have long blooming seasons, with blooms that last a few weeks, so you may see bl... Read More »

How to Care for Peace Lilies?

Peace lilies, also known as closet plants, are one of the most popular varieties of houseplants. They are relatively easy to maintain, and their pure white blossoms are beautiful to look at. Learni... Read More »